Top 10 Touchdown Celebrations

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December 30, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Tyrod Taylor (2) celebrates his second-half touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Cincinnati won the game 23-17. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of Ravens’ LB Ray Lewis announcing his retirement, I found myself probing You Tube, aimlessly clicking on the various Lewis pregame entrances and catching myself laughing aloud.  Despite myself being easily amused, or perhaps bored as all get out, I have decided to compile a list of the top 10 touchdown celebrations.

The touchdown celebration is an expression of ones self, an art form if you will.  It has evolved as much as man.  Beginning with a simple spike of the ball, to praying on one knee, today’s celebrations consist of sporadic dancing and the occasional prop.

You may ask yourself, now what makes a quality celebration?  Confidence.  Pizazz.  Gracefulness.  All of these contribute to a beautiful, yet comical celebration.

Let’s have a look at some of the top football celebrations.

P.S., click on the titles to see the videos.  I know the extra work may be a drag for some, so I apologize in advance.

10. Randy Moss Shows Us The Moon

Commentator Joe Buck didn’t approve of Randy’s moon and apparently he doesn’t recognize talent at its best.  What he sees as a disgusting move, I see as one heck of a touchdown celebration.  Moss incorporated a sexual overtone which won’t hurt your ranking when in a celebration contest.

9.  Deion Sanders Give Us Primetime

One cannot have a touchdown celebration list without involving Sanders.  When participating in a celebratory dance, Sanders was the epitome of confidence.  Much like a firework show builds up to the finale, ‘Neon Deion’ did the same.  Preceded by his iconic high-stepping, Sanders was a General when it came to the dance.

8.  Randall “Thrill” Hill Runs Out Of The Stadium

One of Miami’s own with an appearance in the top 10.  Now this wouldn’t qualify as a touchdown dance per se, but this is swagger at its finest.  How many celebrations involve the celebrate sprinting out of the venue?  I am willing to say one – Randall Hill’s.  Epic move by Mr. Hill.

7.  Ickey Does The Shuffle

A pioneer of the touchdown celebration, Woods’ shuffle was no doubt a classic.  Not the most limber of some of our other dancers, but nevertheless an impressive shtick.  The shuffle exudes arrogance, splashed with a touch of panache.  Originality at its finest.

6. Hines Ward Hip-Thruster

Prior to displaying his eloquence on Dancing with the Stars, Steelers WR Hines Ward used to sashay along the back of the end zone.  He has provided us with many a touchdown dance, but it was his hip-twirling number against Philly that got him on this list.

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