Top 10 Touchdown Celebrations

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5.  B.J. Raji Gyrates

Who cares who won the NFC Championship, all I remember is Packers DT B.J. Raji getting down in the end zone.  What a scene.  His celebration is what you could expect if Gabourey Sidibe joined Glee.  Provocative, check.  Confidence, check.  Who gives a f#%k what people think, check.  Everything you could want in a celebration, Mr. Raji.

4.  Johnnie Morton Does The Worm

Before Raji graced us with his hip gyration, Chiefs WR Johnnie Morton was busy doing the worm.  Now, some said he made a fool of himself, but I say he put on a swell show.  Not everyone is capable of doing the worm, like Raji for example.  Morton displayed finesse in the midst of his interpretation, and for that we thank you.

3.  Terrell Owens Does The Mime

Now WR Terrell Owens has myriad touchdown celebrations, so it was hard for me to pick just one of his.  He has given us classics, such as the Dallas Star, the autograph and the Ray Lewis.  My personal favorite was the mime, a tune he showed us on Monday Night Football after scoring his 150th touchdown.  To be honest, I was more impressed with the celebration than the touchdown.  It seems that the older Owens got, the more he matured in his celebrations.  Thank you for giving the world the mime, Terrell.

2.  Kelly Washington Does The Squirrel

You know you have done a good job when you get Chad Johnson to laugh.  In a number called ‘The Squirrel,” Bengals WR Kelly Washington wowed us with his moves.  One has to admire the sheer flamboyance.  This one will certainly make you laugh out loud.

1.  Chad Johnson Goes Riverdancing

If Michael Jackson was the king of pop, then Chad Johnson is the king of the touchdown dance.  In a display of his worldly knowledge, Johnson gave us a beautiful frolic called the Riverdance.  If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was witnessing traditional Irish dancing at its finest.






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