Recruiting: 2014 Dual-Threat QB Kilton Anderson


Canes Warning recently had the opportunity to chat with Naples, FL. 2014 dual-threat QB Kilton Anderson.  Read on to see what the up and comer had to say.

Sept. 24, 2010; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Hurricanes mascot Sebastian takes the field before a game against the Kansas State Wildcats at Sun Life Stadium. Kansas won 28-24. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


  • Class: 2014
  • Position: Dual-threat quarterback
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • 40: 4.57

Interests, per 247Sports

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado

Canes Warning: What conference do you see yourself playing in at a collegiate level?

  • Kilton Anderson: I don’t have a preference what conference I am in.  I am more interested in what the program and the school have to offer; as well as what I can bring to the table.  I have been told that when I find the right program; I will know it.

CW: What are you looking for in a school?

  • KA: I am looking for an opportunity where I can contribute immediately.  I am also looking for a school where the coach and I have chemistry.  In fact, as I have started meeting coaches, the most important factor in choosing a program is who will be mentoring me and how I fit in with their overall goals.

CW: What player/s would you compare your game to?

  • KA: I have been told that I play like Andrew Luck but am more mobile.  However, I want to play like RG III!  That is the goal at hand.  Griffin is the whole package.  I am also reminded constantly that I look like a young Boomer Esiason.  My nickname is Boomer so I guess that is fitting.

CW: Who are some players that you grew up idolizing?

  • KA: I was born in Colorado, so John Elway would be the icon.  Elway was one of the first dual-threat quarterbacks.  His ability to run, escape the pressure and pass with precision is legendary.  Elway also played baseball in and out of high school, and I do also.  I also idolize my dad who played for Arizona in the 1980’s.  My dad has thrown the ball to me thousands of times over the years.

CW: I know that you play baseball as well.  Would you like to play both sports in college or just one?  What sport would you prefer?

  • KA: I am still undecided and keeping all of my options open.  Last year I played basketball.  Basketball ran into baseball season, so when I began playing baseball last year I didn’t get a full year in.  This will be my first year playing an entire baseball season in two years.  I will have to see how I do.  Both sports have pro’s and con’s.  Most coaches aren’t going to go for me playing both sports.  I haven’t been pitching this season because my head coach was less than enthusiastic about me doing so.  But I have always been a strong pitcher.

CW: Do you plan on attending any camps this summer?

  • KA: I have committed to the camps at Washington, Alabama and Georgia so far.

CW: Are you looking to redshirt or are you striving to make an immediate impact?

  • KA: Of course I would prefer to make an immediate impact, but given the right opportunity; I have patience.  However, get me into a program and I am going to do everything in my power to ensure the coaches to take notice of my capabilities.

CW: Who is your biggest influence thus far?

  •   KA: I am my biggest influence.  I have the best coaches, parents, friends and support network possible.  However, it comes down to me getting out there and deciding to give 110% day in and day out.  Staying motivated and engaged is on my shoulders; but I couldn’t do it without the great people in my circle.

CW: Lastly, what is one thing that people don’t know about Kilton Anderson?

  • KA: I am very entrepreneurial.  Everyday I think of a new product idea I would like to launch given the time and resources to do so.  I also have a thing for high performance cars.  When I visit South Beach, I have to check out the cars on Ocean Drive.

Anderson combines a big arm with accurate passing.  He has the ability to escape the pocket and take off which keeps opposing defenses on their toes.  If given the opportunity, Anderson is not afraid to run the ball and put his body on the line for the extra yard.

Anderson’s versatility and mobility make him an asset to which ever team he pledges.  Whether playing sports or inventing the next big thing, Anderson most certainly has a bright future ahead of him.

Check out Kilton Anderson’s highlights here.