Miami Hurricanes: “U”nited We Stand?


Before I start writing what I am about to, I just want to acknowledge the harsh criticisms and comments that may be tossed my way by those who read this. Some will say I know nothing about the Miami Hurricanes or that I did not watch the game…etc. Some will say I am not a real fan but frankly I do not care.  I know what type of fan I am. I am a fan who has stayed until the end of every game for twelve plus years. I am a fan who sat and watched our team get SLAUGHTERED by Virginia the last game in the Orange Bowl and applauded them as they walked off that field as their heads hung low. Why? Because that is what fans are supposed to do.

A twitter follower of mine recently tweeted out a nasty email he sent to majority of the University of Miami athletic department. Let me first say, I am a person who loves that human beings have differing opinions. If we all shared the same point of view, the world would be so boring. People wouldn’t be instilled with that same burning passion one has when they strongly believe in something that is being questioned. This person expressed his feelings, so now it is my turn to do the same.

I am so tired of listening to Canes “fans” talk about how Coley should be fired or how Golden should be fired  and oh lets not forget D’Onofrio. Why don’t we just fire everyone and have no football team! Is that what these people want? Yes, Golden has been here a few years. No, we haven’t gotten to where we want to be. People complain because we haven’t won or yet alone played in a single ACC championship game, don’t forget we self imposed in hopes of lessening the severity of punishment that was soon to be made by the NCAA due to allegations made by a felon. People went insane last year calling for everyone to be fired because we lost to Virginia Tech and Duke. We also didn’t have our best running back or receiver during those games as they suffered season ending injuries.

I have also been hearing a lot of “ losing to a new Louisville coach our first game”. Hmm…new coach at Louisville, yes. A man who has done wonders at Arkansas as their head coach? YES. Let’s talk about Petrino. The man can coach. He was 21-5 his last two seasons at Arkansas. His third season in, he defeated a number six LSU team leading them to a BCS Sugar Bowl appearance. What happened his fourth season? They finished fifth in the nation. So to complain about losing to that man is pointless.

What really infuriates me (which I have already said) are those individuals who continually complain and want someone fired. It is sickening. Honestly, if all these people complaining think they can do a better job as a coach, why aren’t they coaching? If they think they can do a better job recruiting and developing players why aren’t they doing it? Just like the saying goes…” easier said than done”.

This Saturday our predictable “fan base” will be represented by a pathetic attendance. If we were to have won this past Monday, it wouldn’t have been packed since it is FAMU, but I guarantee there would be a significantly higher attendance than what will be. People get angry when we are called fair weather and band wagon fans, but as sad as it is, it is true. I am not talking about everybody who is a UM fan because I know there are diehards out there. Just not as many as there should be.

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We wear shirts that say []__[]nity or []__[]Family on them. We like to call ourselves Cane Nation and act as though we are some formidable force that cant be stopped or broken. But when the going gets tough, people bail. They leave games early, or stop going period. It truly is disheartening. The saddest memory I have as a Canes fan is the last game in the Orange Bowl. At the beginning of the game that place was packed! People were sitting in the aisles and standing in the walkways. It was an amazing environment. But from slowly to rapidly the stands emptied because it was evident we were going to lose. Watching those people walk out on this team not even caring to hear Touchdown Tommy go off one last time in that historic place or singing/ listening to the Alma Mater was really dejecting.

If we really are united, if we really are a nation then lets start acting like it. Get angry. Get fired up. Throw stuff. It is natural. I yell and scream when I am angry as every normal human being does. When you are passionate about something, it shows in many forms. Just PLEASE stop acting like a nation at war with one another. A family supports each other. In this regards, that includes coaches and players. On our first drive against Louisville, Kaaya took a hard hit by junior Linebacker James Burgess to force a punt. While many of you probably had your head in your hands thinking lord knows what, you may have missed Offensive Lineman Taylor Gadbois help Kaaya up. Not only did he do that but he put his helmet against Kaaya’s gave him a pat on the back as those to say “ shake it off and regroup”. Let us hear Gadbois’s message and do the same thing. A game is no fun without fans whether you’re in the stands or on the field. Lets really unite and stand behind one another. Let us really live to those words: Cane Nation.

P.S. shoutout to #Canesfam, none of this was about you.