Miami Hurricanes Recruiting: Signing Day Predicitions


The Miami Hurricanes 2015′ class is currently ranked just outside the top 20 by most recruiting services, but The Canes still have some big targets left on the board. This Wednesday, February 4th, is when just about everything becomes finalized as recruits sign on the dotted line. The Canes currently have 18 commits and are looking to add a few more. A few of the CanesWarning writers took a shot at predicting where some of Miami’s top targets will land.

Kendrick Norton, four-star Defensive Tackle  (Between Miami and Auburn)

Kendrick Norton is a DT that The Canes have been high on for quite some time. Norton has great size at 6’3-305 and moves very well for his size. Norton seemed to be a heavy Miami Hurricane lean until Auburn jumped in late and got him to take an official visit.

Andrew Ferrelli: Miami

Juan Toribio: Miami

Harry Kroll: Miami

Daniel Gould: Auburn

Justin Fessenden: Auburn

Daniel Nordwall: Auburn

Sam Jacobs: Miami

Peter Ariz: Miami

Marcus Lewis, four-star Defensive Back (Between Kentucky and Miami)

Marcus Lewis is a tall, fast DB that can succeed at either Safety or Cornerback. Kentucky has been all over Lewis lately.

Andrew Ferrelli: Kentucky

Juan Toribio: Kentucky

Harry Kroll: Kentucky

Daniel Gould: Kentucky

Justin Fessenden: Kentucky

Daniel Nordwall: Kentucky

Sam Jacobs: Kentucky

Peter Ariz: Kentucky

(Late edit: FSU and Texas have jumped in on Lewis and he may delay his decision by a week.)

Antonio Callaway, four-star Receiver (Between Miami and Florida)

Callaway is a very explosive receiver that always seemed to make plays when Booker T. needed him too. WVU tried to make a late push, but his recruitment has been long considered a Miami-Florida battle by many.

Andrew Ferrelli: Florida

Juan Toribio: Florida

Harry Kroll: Miami

Daniel Gould: Florida

Justin Fessenden: Florida

Daniel Nordwall: Florida

Sam Jacobs: Florida

Peter Ariz: Florida
Tyree St. Louis, four-star Offensive Lineman (Miami commit, but considering Florida)

St. Louis is currently the highest rated commit in Miami’s class according to ESPN. Tyree St. Louis can step in and play right away at just about any college. He is committed to Miami, but really enjoyed his visit to UF late in the process.

Andrew Ferrelli: Miami

Juan Toribio: Miami

Harry Kroll: Miami

Daniel Gould: Miami

Justin Fessenden: Miami

Daniel Nordwall: Miami

Sam Jacobs: Miami

Peter Ariz: Miami
Kevin Scott, four-star Defensive Tackle (Between Miami, USC, Ole Miss)

Scott was a late blooming DT. His recruitment blew up in January when he received a plethora of major D1 offers. Scott has not been playing football that long, but has an incredibly high ceiling.

Andrew Ferrelli: USC

Juan Toribio: USC

Harry Kroll: USC

Daniel Gould: Ole Miss

Justin Fessenden: USC

Daniel Nordwall: USC

Sam Jacobs: Miami

Peter Ariz: USC
Sheldrick Redwine, three-star Cornerback (Louisville commit, but still considering Miami)

Sheldrick Redwine is a corner with great size and cover skills. He plays the ball very well when it is in the air. He has been committed to Louisville for awhile, but The Canes jumped in and offered this past weekend.

Andrew Ferrelli: Miami

Juan Toribio: Louisville

Harry Kroll: Louisville

Daniel Gould: Louisville

Justin Fessenden: Louisville

Daniel Nordwall: Miami

Sam Jacobs: Louisville

Peter Ariz: Miami
Dexter Williams, four-star Running Back (Between Miami and Notre Dame)

The former Miami commit is one of the best RBs in the country. He was heavily leaning towards ND, but The Canes have been making a late push.

Andrew Ferrelli: Notre Dame

Juan Toribio: Notre Dame

Harry Kroll: Notre Dame

Daniel Gould: Notre Dame

Justin Fessenden: Notre Dame

Daniel Nordwall: Notre Dame

Sam Jacobs: Notre Dame

Peter Ariz: Miami
Terrell Chatman, three-star Receiver (Miami commit, but considering TCU)

Chatman is a freak athlete with great size, athleticism, and hands. Chatman has been committed to Miami since the summer, but really enjoyed his TCU visit last weekend.

Andrew Ferrelli: Miami

Juan Toribio: TCU

Harry Kroll: TCU

Daniel Gould: TCU

Justin Fessenden: TCU

Daniel Nordwall: Miami

Sam Jacobs: Miami

Peter Ariz: TCU

Antonio Howard, three-star Cornerback (Between Marshall, UCF and Miami)

Antonio Howard is an undersized, but crazy fast DB prospect. His decommitment from WVU came out of the blue and many are uncertain if Miami is still recruiting him.

Andrew Ferrelli: Marshall

Juan Toribio: Marshall

Harry Kroll: Marshall

Daniel Gould: UCF

Justin Fessenden: UCF

Daniel Nordwall: Marshall

Sam Jacobs: Marshall

Peter Ariz: Marshall

Torrance Gibson five-star Quarterback (Ohio State commit, considering Miami And Auburn)

Gibson has been committed to Ohio State, but wants to play quarterback and realizes that OSU’s depth chart at QB is very deep. Miami is offering the opportunity to come in as a QB and got him to take a visit this past weekend. Gibson does fit Auburn’s system well and they have been on him for a long time.

Andrew Ferrelli: Ohio State

Juan Toribio: Auburn

Harry Kroll: Auburn

Daniel Gould: LSU

Justin Fessenden: Ohio State

Daniel Nordwall: Ohio State

Sam Jacobs: Ohio State

Peter Ariz: Ohio State

Evan Shirreffs three-star Quarterback (Between Miami, if offered, and a bunch of other Ivy League schools)

Shirreffs is an extremely talented, laser accurate QB prospect. He has prototypical size at 6’6-200 and has put up incredible numbers. He missed his junior year with a thumb injury and would be a great under the radar pick up for any college.

Andrew Ferrelli: Miami

Juan Toribio: Miami

Harry Kroll: Miami

Daniel Gould: Miami

Justin Fessenden: Miami

Daniel Nordwall: Miami

Sam Jacobs: Not Miami

Peter Ariz: Not Miami