Miami Hurricanes Debate: Derwin James the next Sean Taylor?

ORLANDO, FL - SEPTEMBER 05: Evan Engram /
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ORLANDO, FL – SEPTEMBER 05: Evan Engram /

Miami Hurricane fans will always maintain that Sean Taylor is the most athletically gifted player to ever don the U. Derwin James has drawn comparisons. Is it fair to compare or is it Hurricane blasphemy?

For those of us who navigate social media, it is an inescapable force. Rivals will continually rival. It is what they do. It is not uncommon to see fans conjure up alternate realities where their respective different era championship teams and hallowed greats face off.

As the banter progresses, you would think some imaginary field emerges from the deep bowels of the cosmos draped in ominous fog. The Guardians of the Galaxy universe seems apropos. Welcome to Infinity Stone Field at Neverland park.

Referees who would dwarf the NFL’s Ed Hochuli officiate the game with immaculate precision. Naturally, the contest would be narrated by the late great NFL film’s John Facenda. His iconic voice just seems to fit. The orchestral score from the show would underlay the narration of his voice in harmonious matrimony.

Isolate and extrapolate the idea of posing different era players against one another. Each respective contestant is adorned in monumental praise backed by statistical superiority as they emerge from their corners. Their entrance songs are part game day fight song and harmonious hysteria bolstered by the singing of rabid fans.