Miami Hurricanes Debate: Derwin James the next Sean Taylor?

ORLANDO, FL - SEPTEMBER 05: Evan Engram /
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Many still wear his jersey and pay homage to how simply dominant he was. Taylor was taken to soon. He left a family behind and many still grieve his passing. His life is a reminder that life can be so subtle. Taylor is a reminder that even the greatest have time limits. We all have time limits.

That is why any comparison to him is met with such heavy resistance. If Derwin James was a Miami Hurricane even Miami Hurricane fans would say he is not the next Sean Taylor. The whole totality of his legacy, alive and departed, is insurmountable for any to challenge. Miami faithful will never lat that go.

James is a great ball player. He will no doubt be a first rounder. James has the talent to be the best college defensive player in the country this year. He will easily be Florida State’s best safety in the history of their program.

James is projected to by a top five pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. James is currently being projected to go second in next season’s draft to the Cleveland Browns according to Pro Football Focus.

And that is the culmination. Acceptance. There will never be another Sean Taylor for a Miami Hurricanes fan. There will never be another Derwin James for a Florida State fan. Unfortunately, they never will face off in an NFL game or even have whole NFL careers to compare.