Miami Hurricanes Debate: Derwin James the next Sean Taylor?

ORLANDO, FL - SEPTEMBER 05: Evan Engram /
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ATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 31: Derwin James /

This is not a rationale debate. James has a long way to go before this even maintains stratospheric buoyancy or any semblance of real comparison. Football fans can only pray that James has the opportunity and health to enjoy a full illustrious NFL career that Taylor was unfortunately deprived of. I know I do.

This comparison was not meticulously invented by me. The great Taylor vs. James debate formulated and concocted itself from the depth of a Rival’s proud fan base. Essentially its construction alludes to how great Taylor was. A rival’s fan base did not pick its own champion to compare an up and comer to, it picked Taylor.

That is ultimate respect if you think about it. A tip of the cap. Miami fans do not fight the inevitable. Comparisons to Taylor will echo in secret chambers and every so often a special player converts those whispers into outcries. Taylor’s legacy continues every time it does.

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Miami fans need to accept that James is a remarkable talent who has incredible athleticism. James has the chance to be really special. Do not worry. He is not Sean Taylor. No one will ever be. The fact there is even a comparison in the first place shows you how revered Taylor still is.