Miami Basketball Relocates to Orlando From Atlanta

MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 28: A general view of Bruce Brown
MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 28: A general view of Bruce Brown /

Both the men and women’s Miami basketball teams relocated to Atlanta ahead of Hurricane Irma. The women’s team was given a choice where to go. Most of the men’s team made Atlanta the home base with Assistant Coach Chris Caputo.

Michelle Kaufman of the Miami Herald detailed the travels of the Miami Basketball team to evacuate from Hurricane Irma. A caravan of players from both the men’s and women’s Miami basketball teams traveled to Atlanta.

The men’s team held meals at the relatives of team members and were able to practice together as much as possible at Georgia State University. Per Kaufman the team had dinner at Bruce Brown mother’s house and Lonnie Walker’s father’s house.

Most the men’s team relocated to Atlanta. Kaufman did not break down which players were there or where the other players relocated to. The move was a gracious one from Georgia State. The Hurricanes and Panthers have played three times. Miami has won all three with the last time being in 1998.

The women’s team seemed to have less organization. Per Kaufman, the women’s players made the 14 hour trip from Miami to Atlanta in a caravan. Once they’re they stayed at different homes.

Like their male counterparts, the women’s team also had some meals at the homes of the player’s relatives. They ate at the homes of Erykah Davenport, Taylor Mason and the sister of Head Coach Katie Meier.

The Lady Canes were able to get in some hoops run while in the peach city. They were able to hold practice at Kennesaw State and had pickup games in driveways. They were also able to work out at a Gold Gym that was opened up to evacuees.

Meier spoke out about how her players were adapting to the temporary changes.

"“It’s been an emotional time, but everyone handled it really well…Being able to get on the court some, and play pickup games, gave us a sense of normalcy. We are so grateful to all the family members who took us in and made us feel at home up there in Atlanta. It was good bonding time.”"

Irma also impacted the recruiting for the Men’s team. Top recruit Immanuel Quickley had been scheduled to take his visit with the Hurricanes over the weekend. That will now be postponed.

While Caputo was in Atlanta with the Men’s team, the rest of the staff used the weekend to go on recruiting trips. Per Kaufman, Head Coach Jim Larranaga went to New York and assistants Jamal Brunt to Virgina and Adam Fischer to New York.

Like the women, Caputo also reported that the Men’s team were also able to use the time to bond.

"“This hurricane really couldn’t have come at a worse time for us as far as recruiting, but obviously, there were more important things to worry about over the past week, so we are trying to stay in touch with our recruits and reschedule those visits…In a way, this whole thing has gotten us closer as a team,” said Caputo, who traveled to Atlanta with his wife, daughter and dog. “There’s nothing quite like shacking up with your teammates in a situation like this, being together going through something so stressful.”"

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With operations moved to Orlando, the Men were scheduled to practice yesterday at Central Florida. Athletes from several other sports were also in Orlando. Administrators and trainers are also in Orlando. The trainers are helping the athletes with workouts and physical therapy.