Miami Hurricanes Players Discuss Time-off and Irma

ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 28:. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 28:. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Jaquan Johnson who grew up in Miami and attended Killian High School. He was able to use the time off to help his mother prepare for Irma.

"“Whatever decision he made, we would have stuck behind him…But letting us go home to our families, that just shows how genuine he is. There is more than football. There is life outside of football.”"

Senior lineman K.C. McDermott who is a native of Wellington was also able to help his family. Their experiences in past Hurricanes helped them get through Irma.

"“We prepared for the storm…Growing up I went through Jean, Frances and Wilma. We’ve been prepared for it. We knew what was going to happen. It always helps to have a generator.”"

Linebacker Zach McCloud made the approximately 50 mile trip to his family home in Palm Beach. Without power and cellular service, he was unreachable post Irma.

"“They actually sent out an e-mail…Everybody on the team had service, I guess, and they actually sent out an e-mail saying specifically I was the only one that didn’t reply to the messages. Travis Homer’s mom came and reached out. She drove to my house. I couldn’t reach anybody. It was good when we finally got back and it was good to see everybody’s faces and know that everyone was good at home.”"

McDermott spoke about dealing with the after effects of Irma and re-acclimating football after over two weeks off.