Miami Hurricanes CB Malek Young: Goal to Knockout Duke QB Daniel Jones


Miami Hurricanes cornerback Malek Young who was named the ACC’s best corner earlier this week, said that the Miami Defense has a goal of knocking out Duke QB Daniel Jones.

Jones is one of the toughest quarterbacks in college football. Miami Hurricanes defensive coordinator Manny Diaz said Jones has a propensity to take a hit and avoid sliding. Because of that Young said that the Miami defense has a goal of knocking Jones out of the game.

According to ESPN Jones has been sacked nine times and hit 44 times this season. That is among the worst among Power Five Conference Quarterbacks. Jones also is an adept running quarterback. He has carried the ball 42 times for 182 yards this season.

Young has been one of the most productive players on the Hurricanes defense this season. He is fourth in solo tackles and total tackles. Young has six solos and eight total. He is also tied for the team in lead in tackles for loss with defensive lineman R.J. McIntosh and Trent Harris at two and a half.

The Hurricanes will get plenty of chances at Jones. Duke runs an average of 87 offensive plays per game and 92 total. That ranks second in the nation.

Young should have chosen his words wiser.  The implication of a bounty on Jones could be interpreted with Young’s statement.

ESPN quoted Young as telling 247Sports.Com that:

"“He loves to throw the football…He takes hits. He don’t like to slide, and what we’re going to do is — the goal is to get him out of the game. Get him out of the game, and it’s going to be a good game.”"

Diaz discussed Jones toughness and playing style with 247Sports.

"“The first thing that defines him is his toughness and if your quarterback is tough, then your offense is tough…The offense takes on the personality of its quarterback. He don’t slide. He can take a hit. He took some hits in our game a year ago. He’s taken some hits this year, but when you see him lower his shoulder and get a first down, I’d imagine that gets everybody on their football team excited to play because they know he’s tough and he doesn’t flinch. Certainly they’ve got weapons."

The Hurricanes are aware of Jones ability as a runner. Miami’s defense has not lived up to the preseason hype. The Hurricanes are sixth in the ACC against the run, 13th against the pass and 11th overall.

Jones adds another element to a defense’s responsibilities. One of the linebackers or safeties is going to have to likely spy Jones. That takes away a player from an already struggling defense. Diaz discussed Jones’ versatility and skills as a runner.

"“What he presents as a runner, the quarterback-run game will really be in play this week for the first time—it really wasn’t as much the first two weeks—really the first dual-threat guy we’ve gone against. We knew going in that he would be one of the two returning starters (in the ACC) we face this year at quarterback and that’s what gave Duke confidence. You see that in the way they started the year and I think a lot of that goes back to who they have in the driver’s seat.”"

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The Miami defense needs a good performance to get some of their mojo back. It’s the front seven that had people talking last year and through the offseason that the U is back. Through two games they have 16 tackles for loss but only five sacks.