Miami Hurricanes Defense and Special Teams Comments After Georgia Tech

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 14: Trayone Gray /
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Linebacker Shaq Quarterman and defensive lineman Kendrick Norton spoke in the postgame press conference. Quarterman finished the game with eight solo and four unassisted tackles. Norton finished with five solos, three assists and a half tackle for loss.

"Sophomore LB Shaquille Quarterman On what happened in the first quarter and how the team adjusted to play so well defensively the rest of the game…"

“Well, going against Georgia Tech, you have to prepare totally differently than you do any other week.

"So, we prepared, we prepared and they changed a couple things on us that we hadn’t seen on film. But, like always, we have an awesome staff, we came back, we made some adjustments and everything just started clicking from there.”"

On how much of a belief there is with this team right now…

"“It’s a lot of belief. It’s a lot of buy-in to the process. I feel as though, if you walk around to any of our players, you just feel an aura by them because we just really bought into the process of trying to make it to Charlotte. We’re making the conversation not a trying to—we’re going to Charlotte… We’re focusing every week. Everybody wants to jump forward and say, ‘Oh, the Canes, when they go to Charlotte, this and that,’ but we’re focusing by game. As long as we do that, then we’ll get to Charlotte.”"