Miami Hurricanes Defense and Special Teams Comments After Georgia Tech

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 14: Trayone Gray /
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On his reaction to Darrell Langham’s catch…

"“It was amazing. I mean, it was amazing. Like, my jaw dropped. Helmets were rolling everywhere. The crowd went—it was just amazing. It was crazy.”"

On how much the team feeds off the crowd…

"“Oh, we feed off of them like we feed off of each other. When we go for a drive, a drive is about to start and the crowd is really into it, they’re really helping us out. You don’t know what that’s doing to the offense that we’re going against. It may throw off their cadence and all that. A couple times it did throw off their cadence. So, we just really love that and we just love our fans and they love us.”"

Junior DT Kendrick Norton

On how the victory against Georgia Tech feels…

"“It feels great. It always feels great to come out and get the win.”"

On the battle in the trenches…

"“That’s one of the keys to stopping the Georgia Tech offense is if you stop the dive then they have to start doing plays on the perimeter and then when you shut that down, then you put them in an uncomfortable situation.”"