Miami Hurricanes Defense and Special Teams Comments After Georgia Tech

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 14: Trayone Gray /
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"On Travis Homer’s punishing run style… “Travis is a great guy. He comes to practice every day and works very hard. Even when he was behind Mark (Walton), those guys came in and competed every day. Travis is a great ballplayer for us.”"

On how frustrating it is to play the Georgia Tech offense…

"“It can be frustrating because sometimes you get up from a tackle, or what you thought was a tackle, and you hear the crowd going crazy because the player that really has the ball is all the way downfield. That’s always frustrating, but when everyone does what they’re supposed to do, it also can be fun.”"

Senior K Michael Badgley

On the game-winning field goal…

"“Just to kind of walk you through the situation. [Darrell] Langham makes a heck of a play, gets us down in range. I was confident if we wanted to kick it that—before or after the penalty—I was ready to go for the 65-yarder or whatever it was. But, instead, Langham makes a heck of a play. Heck of a throw from Malik [Rosier]. And we get down, I get a point and nod from the coaches saying we’re going the center the ball, let’s go, time’s ticking, down two. I just wanted to do my job and win this game. So, it was fun.”"