Miami Hurricanes “thug perception” Creates Us Against the World

TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 7: Wide receiver Braxton Berrios
TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 7: Wide receiver Braxton Berrios /
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“Us against the world” is a mantra echoed by Miami Hurricanes players, fans and alumni seemingly since the beginning of time.

As the Miami Hurricanes have captivated the college football world with an improbable undefeated run into November, the coverage has been exorbitant. Miami might not be back in the sense where it is reeling off multiple national championships but it is back on prime time.

The exposure that the Mark Richt’s Miami Hurricanes have garnished has exponentially skyrocketed. Richt’s players have adorned astronaut suits and propelled their play into a potential playoff stratosphere. Yes. And of course, around each one of Richt’s astronaut’s necks is a fabled turnover chain.

Of course, there is. Miami is known as a city of fashion, culture and mixed ethnicities. Flashy over sassy. The castration of the program’s identity under former university of Miami President Donna Shalala is past practice. Miami Hurricane fans should have filed a class action malpractice lawsuit.

The Miami Hurricanes have regained its identity through a realignment of on field systems, development, quality coaching and a commitment by the administration to win. Period. The ancillary antics of a Turnover Chain has nothing to do with Miami’s resurgence. Zero.

Miami’s antics on the field or off actually never gained them a first down or touchdown for that matter. Quite the opposite. Miami set a Cotton Bowl record in 1991 for penalty yardage in a game with 202 after amassing 16 penalties.

Let that permeate. Miami’s celebratory quirks actually hurt them on the field. But Miami won despite them because the Hurricanes were simply better, faster and played with a refusal to lose.