Miami Hurricanes “thug perception” Creates Us Against the World

TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 7: Wide receiver Braxton Berrios
TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 7: Wide receiver Braxton Berrios /
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miami hurricanes
miami hurricanes /

The persecution affects certain demographics in a more unparalleled and relentless manner than others. In college football, find a brand so hated for absolutely no reason other than the colors of its uniform.

It is not wrong it is different. Miami is ostentatious and flashy but consider that in the Mark Richt era no major scandal has emerged. Miami has not been a penalized abomination on the field. Quite the contrary, Miami has been a model program dedicated to community service.

It is Richt’s commitment to the community, his willingness to go to little league ballparks across the community to solidify something. The fact that the neighborhood’s team is back. You can be proud of the young man on the field and off it as well. Miami has always been a team from the neighborhood.

While the rest of the college football takes aim with arrows of hate and vitriol, Miami will shield itself in its community. We hear you naysayers and hate mongers. But remember what your constant racist negativity diatribes do. They unify the Miami consciousness and collective even more.

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The fanbase will rally with pride even more diversified and unified with increased vigor and flare. Do you want to know where Miami’s “Us against the world” mantra originated from? Look in the mirror. You bigoted insignificant freaks are the fuel to Miami’s fire. You always have been.