Miami Hurricanes Identifiable Struggle on Offense.

PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 24: Malik Rosier /
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Film Review will show Rosier throwing into double coverage, wide receivers standing wide open,  wrong read, after wrong read. Rosier did not have his A game and Richt knew it. It culminated when his offensive coordinator ultimately decided to bench his previously undefeated QB in the fourth quarter.

The head baseball coach walked ominously foreboding out from the dugout, took the ball from his ace and said, “Sorry kid, you just don’t have it today.” Evan Shirreffs came in for a quick relief stint but managed to go 0-2 on passing attempts and the Hurricanes went three and out.

After the game, Rosier honorably did not deflect any adverse attention. The polarizing gunslinger shouldered the blame for the loss when reporters formed like a posse around him and fired off a salvo of questions.

One moment Rosier isn’t allowed to eat in public without being mobbed for an autograph in Coral Gables, the next thing you know Narduzzi takes away his cookies. Subliminally the game plan in Narduzzi’s mind had a voice narrating its obvious intent.

“Beat me, Malik. I dare you to. I am going to give you many opportunities for big plays in the passing game because I am selling out vs the rush.” The shots were there Hurricane fans. Malik just misfired.