Arkansas State could sue Miami Hurricanes over lost game

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Arkansas State could be suing the Miami Hurricanes over the cancellation of their scheduled game in Jonesboro last September because of Hurricane Irma.

This is a story that we thought went away five months ago. It is now coming back to the forefront. This seems to be motivated by hurt feelings and a lack of compassion over a natural disaster. The Miami Hurricanes were scheduled to play the second of a home and home series with the Redwolves last September.

Several reports are stating that Arkansas State could be suing the Miami Hurricanes because of their canceled game last season. That allowed the Miami football staff and the players to be with their families during a time of crisis.

Players, coaches and other staff were able to be with their families to help with Hurricane preparation instead of focusing on football. Anyone with any logic and compassion can see what is and were more important.

The Reddit college Football Twitter account retweeted a post from the Jonesboro Arkansas ABC affiliate. It stated Arkansas State is using what is called a Majeure Clause stating that the Hurricanes were ironically not properly prepared for a natural disaster.

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