Get ready for March Madness with Realtime Brackets

Tired of filling out your brackets and having it blow up when you lose your National Champion in the first game on day one? There is a new way to fill your brackets out. Play Realtime Brackets with us for a prize.

Want to pick the Miami Hurricanes to make a deep run but want to also have a chance to hedge your picks? Now you can. Real-time Brackets gives you a chance to change your NCAA Tournament picks mid-tournament and even after games have started.

Look, we’ve all been there. You watch college hoops all season long, spending countless hours consuming game after game. Anxiously you await Selection Sunday, print out a bracket and count down the hours until March Madness officially begins.

Then after the first two days, you’re tearing your bracket up and throwing it away. Meanwhile, your brother-in-law who “doesn’t really watch” managed to be near-perfect, all by making his picks based on uniform color. Well, guess what? That’s not happening this year.

Because this year, you’ll be playing Realtime Brackets – the only app that allows you to switch your picks live during tournament games.

You don’t have to be done in early in the NCAA Tournament. Now you can work on a strategy for your brackets from the beginning of every game until four minutes are remaining.

How’s it work?

We’re glad you asked.

Basically, the longer the games go, the fewer points are rewarded for correct picks. If you’re confident a No. 12 seed is beating a No. 5 before tip-off, you’ll be rewarded max points. But if at halftime the No. 5 is up by 20 points and you want to switch, go right ahead (for fewer points, of course).

The final chance you’ll have to change your pick is during the four-minute mark of each game. The Real-time Brackets app will provide a notification during this time, so you can get your swaps in if need be.

But let’s say that No. 12 seed loses a heart-breaker and you never changed your mind. Is your bracket busted? Nope. Just re-pick for the next round. You’ll be docked some points, but at least you won’t be throwing that bracket in the trash.

The brackets are currently open. The first game of the NCAA Tournament will begin on Thursday, March 15 at noon eastern time. So don’t miss out on all the March Madness fun with Realtime Brackets. The prize, which will be awarded to the winner will be announced at a later date.

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