New leaders emerging on Miami Hurricanes offensive line

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 11: Braxton Berrios
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 11: Braxton Berrios /
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"My junior year of high school I went to right tackle, then [as a] senior back at left. While I’ve been here I’ve been playing some of both left and right. Last two years mostly right, but now kicking me back out to left – it’s bringing out the old high school days. I feel like it’s a lot more comfortable.”"

Donaldson is entering his Sophomore season reportedly in better shape. Gauthier discussed the difference better Donaldson this Spring and last.

"“I’m sure you guys can tell when Navaughn walked around here that he’s lost weight …He’s able to move a lot quicker, run a little quicker…he’s more in tune with – I mean, after playing a full season – he’s gotten the playbook. He makes calls up there with me when we are getting ready to run a play and it’s definitely good to see.”"

Brown and Jones have earned their spots with the first team with how they have progressed from the fall. Gauthier talked about Brown.

"“I mean, watching him work today, you can tell that he’s a different kid from the fall…He got in the weight room this year, he got a little heavier, got a little stronger and his footwork was really good, so I’m impressed with him.”"

Jones is pushing through to become a starter in his Senior season. St. Louis spoke about working with Jones on the left side of the line.