Which NBA Teams have Bruce Brown worked out for?

MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 07: Bruce Brown Jr.
MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 07: Bruce Brown Jr. /
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The teams Brown has or will work out for include the Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks, Phoenix Suns and Portland Trail Blazers per USA Today’s Hoops Hype page. He also reportedly is scheduled to workout for the Philadelphia 76ers.

The primary teams that seem interested are the Blazers, Knicks, Pacers and 76ers. There isn’t as much information about the other teams listed interest in Brown.

The Blazers are reported to be interested in Brown because of his size and 6’5 and his ability to play at both ends of the floor. NBCSports Northwest’s Jason Quick wrote up Portland’s interest in Brown.

"“Brown has piqued the interest of the Blazers because of his size (6-foot-5), and his defensive skills on the perimeter…”"

Per the Blazers official website, Brown worked out for Portland on June 2. The scouting report on Brown throughout his two years on the Miami basketball team has been that he is ready for the NBA Defensively, but he has to work on his offense. Brown spoke to Quick about his game.

"“I can play both ends of the ball..I can guard 1-through-3 and make three’s…I just know that’s what I do. Growing up I wasn’t the best offensive player, so I had to focus on defense and getting steals,’’ he said. “I just love getting stops and helping my team.’’"

Brown is aware of the knocks against his shooting. He spoke to the Trailblazers official website about that.

"“Definitely that I can shoot the NBA three. My shooting percentage went down sophomore year, so definitely that I can shoot the ball and make plays.”"

The Indiana Pacers, who Miami basketball alum Trey McKinney-Jones is on the roster of, worked out Brown on Monday.

Brown who is a former high school football player recorded the lowest body fat at this year’s combine at 3.75 percent. He told Quick he loves to be in the weight room and the feeling of being sore.