Miami Hurricanes athletes have hilarious responses to LeBron signing

Current and former Miami Hurricanes athletes had a variety of responses to LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. The responses ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.

James signing with the Lakers took the sports world by storm on Sunday. It was the biggest story of the day on the eve of Wimbledon and with the FIFA World Cup commencing with its matches in the knockout stage. Several Miami Hurricanes had opinions about James move.

The responses from current and former Hurricanes spanned the three big sports. Former and current Miami Baseball, Basketball and Football players weighed in with commentary about decision 3.0.

Former Miami baseball players Danny Valencia and Yonder Alonso had a great exchange on where LeBron fits in with the greatest Lakers ever, Demetrius Jackson had exceptional commentary and Lonnie Walker was trolling fans about their alleged allegiances to the Lakers.

Those were just a few of the Tweets by Miami Hurricanes Athletic Alumni and current athletes. The players from the U definitely have their pulse on the Twitter-verse.

Many of the Miami athletes are among the best follows on Twitter. Valencia, Walker and Jackson all have many original thoughts. They could all have a career in the media when their Athletic careers come to an end.

Several Miami Hurricanes alums have or are working in the Media. Those include former tennis player Jill Arrington, ESPN’s Suzy Kolber and Pedro Gomez and football alums Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Jonathan Vilma and Jarrett Payton.

The best thread was between Alonso and Valencia. Valencia Tweeted LeBron is already the greatest Laker of all-time. Alonso seemingly took him seriously.

Eight and 24 were Kobe Bryant’s numbers with the Lakers. Magic Johnson was 32. There are too many other players to mention who could be added to this list.

Many questioned who the real Head Coach and General Managers were during LeBron’s second tenure in Cleveland. Jackson made an announcement to that effect.

Lonnie Walker is never shy about his opinions and theories. There were a seemingly endless amount of posts and articles about his interesting views on life leading up to the NBA Draft. Walker didn’t like how many fans responded to LeBron’s decision 3.0.

Walker continued his commentary on those that need to validate their fandom to the Twitter-verse. Fans throughout social media seem to be denouncing or announcing their fandom to the Lakers. It all seems to be based on how they feel about LeBron.

Walker is clearly a fan of LeBron. Before the Sunday’s announcement that James was joining the Lakers, Walker retweeted a video of LeBron’s 2017-18 season.

Jackson’s had more takes on LeBron’s movement than just his announcement about the Cavaliers Head Coach.

Payton 2004 Orange Bowl MVP had a few takes on LeBron’s move. Payton is now a sportscaster and television and radio host in his native Chicago. Payton first gave out props to LaVar Ball who said that LeBron would sign with the Lakers on the FS1 show Undisputed.

About an hour later Payton Tweeted out a satirical Tweet about how the rest of the Eastern Conference feels about James’ move.

Current Miami Basketball player Chris Lykes and recent graduate Ja’Quan Newton Tweeted out how LeBron’s move affects them as fans.

Before Decision 3.0 Lykes sent out the same video of James’ season that Walker did. One of his news teammates Anthony Mack thought LeBron should have made a different decision.

The current Miami Hurricanes and alums had a lot to say about LeBron’s move. All of the above players and former players are great Twitter follows. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your heroes from the U on what they are doing and thinking.