What happened to Miami Football National Search for new DC?

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 24: (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 24: (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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We won’t truly know if Banda and Patke are ready to be Defensive Coordinators until their game planning is proven on the field. It would have been more thorough for the Miami football program to look nationally for Diaz’s successor. Multiple media outlets had a seemingly endless list of choices to replace Diaz.

The press release seems like nothing more than a smoke screen that the Miami Hurricanes run through to go on to the field with each home game. There were many candidates that the Hurricanes could have considered with what they deemed a National Search. It could have merely been a change of heart.

If that was the case, it’s not a good look for Richt and the Miami Athletic administration. They knew for a few days, and likely longer that Diaz was leaving.

The destination was unknown, but it wasn’t exactly a secret that Diaz would be a hot commodity after the season based on how well the Hurricanes defense has played the last three seasons.

There should have been a plan in place on how Miami was going to proceed once Diaz was hired by another school to be their Head Coach. Most administrators have a list of potential hires with the possibility of losing someone off their own staff.

It’s not known if Richt and Miami Athletic Director Blake James had an idea of who would eventually succeed Diaz. If they knew all along that Banda and Patke were going to be Diaz’s successors then why send out the press release about the national search?