Miami football one of two ACC teams with legitimate chance at CFP title

3 Jan 2002:. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Harry How/Getty Images
3 Jan 2002:. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Harry How/Getty Images /
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In an article published by college football stat guru Bill Connelly on ESPN, the Miami football program was named one of 17 teams nationally and two in the ACC with a legitimate chance to win the national championship.

Connelly arrived at 17 teams using Ceasar’s Palace’s sportsbook odds for teams that are +10000 to win the title. He then “sorted by the number of “ifs” it takes to make each a true title contender.”  The Miami football team, fairly, came in the last category with five “what ifs” to win the national championship.

Connelly wisely didn’t go with the obvious what ifs for each team. Almost every major college football team needs their QB and roster healthy, especially before a big game. or examine the teams’ schedules. Connelly stated his examination of the 17 teams in the hunt for a national championship is focused on the rosters.

No one had as busy of an offseason as the Miami football program. The eight players that will be new to the Hurricanes through the transfer portal will contribute in 2019 and beyond. The QB unit has evolved and gotten better with the addition of Tate Martell. The competition has helped incumbent part-time starter, N’Kosi Perry.

Manny Diaz has created an excitement in Coral Gables that hasn’t been since for over a decade. The offseason for the Miami football program has been one of the most fun in recent memory. Diaz kept fans active and involved on twitter with his cryptic tweets and gifs about imminent news. Now Miami has to translate that to the field.

Connelly began Miami’s five questions of ifs…with the Hurricanes QB unit. The debate over who should start at QB has divided Miami fans throughout the offseason. Which signal caller you support has become akin to the four houses of Hogwarts in Harry Potter or which Game of Thrones house you belong to.