What to watch for Miami Hurricanes offense vs UNC

ORLANDO, FL - AUGUST 24:.(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
ORLANDO, FL - AUGUST 24:.(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Jordan had four first-down receptions, caught Williams lone TD pass and four of his five receptions were for 15 yards or more. He was decidedly Miami’s best and Williams favorite receiver against Florida. He is set up for a potential all-American season and to be the next great Miami TE.

The Miami WRs as a whole caught eight of the ten passes thrown to them against Florida without a drop. Drops will happen. If the Miami receivers keep those to a minimum this season it will help Williams confidence throwing to them.

Williams was under pressure throughout the game against Florida. It has been well documented that he was sacked 10 times by the Gators. Williams played well when he had protections as any QB would be expected to. Per PFF through Inside the U, Williams was13-17 for 181 yards and one touchdown with a clean pocket.

Per Inside the U, 85 percent of Williams’ passing yards against Florida came with a clean pocket. it was estimated that half of the 10 sacks were the Williams fault. Williams was criticized for not throwing the ball away enough. He needs to have a cleaner pocket more often. Most of that is on the Miami tackles.