What to watch for Miami Hurricanes offense vs UNC

ORLANDO, FL - AUGUST 24:.(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
ORLANDO, FL - AUGUST 24:.(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Offensive line coach Butch Barry and Enos had to be pleased with the play of the interior of the Miami Hurricanes offensive line. Guards Donaldson and Scaife graded out well by PFF. Center Corey Gaynor is highly regarded and considered the leader of the offensive line as any good center should be.

Inside the U reported that the left side of the Miami offensive line led to “seven carries led to 83 yards, a touchdown, three first downs, and two rushes that went for at least ten yards.” That included Dallas’ 50-yard TD run in the fourth quarter went to the left side out of the Wildcat.

The Hurricanes used an unbalanced line that included Nelson and right tackle John Campbell on the left side of the offensive line. Jordan had a nice block and according to David Lake of Inside the U, Scaife pulled from the right side to set the play up perfectly. Tate Martell going in motion shifted the Florida defense.

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Harris’ 57-yard run that was called back also went to the left side. Barry and Enos need to figure out a way to translate the success of the left side in run blocking to equal that to the critical left or blindside in pass protection. Running backs and tight ends might have to stay in more to help pass protect.