Saturday happened: Miami football team lost to FIU

It’s been almost a week since the Miami football team lost to FIU and the reality and magnitude of that loss are first starting to set it.

A high percentage of the fanbase for the Miami football program is not old enough to remember the Hurricanes’ greatness. In the 1980s Miami was called the team of the decade. I have been fortunate enough to go to a school where I never remember the feeling of losing a home football game. It just never happened.

I don’t remember losing to the teams who are beaten by the likes of Tulane. It’s totally unthinkable. It’s just not possible. It never could happen. In Miami moving from the Orange Bowl to Hard Rock Stadium it felt as if a piece of our soul had been removed.

While obviously moving to a far better facility with considerably better parking and one that did not rattle, but it’s hard to replace the feeling of being in the closed end of the Orange Bowl with the volume of noise being created and everybody virtually on the field the stands as were so close.

So to go to our (former) sacred grounds and take on what can only be considered a very weak FIU program there was a lot of reminiscing about all the good times spent in the sight of the former Orange Bowl.

How ironic is it in walking out of there that the Canes suffered the most humiliating loss in over 40 years I can remember watching games. Fast forward the program to our current situation. Since joining the ACC, the Miami football program has been an absolute disaster.

While financially it may make sense for the school and the basketball program is done our football team no favors. Perhaps this is an area where Notre Dame has proven smarter than us?

A major obstacle Miami faced is trying to run the Athletic Department more like a business and less for a highly dedicated fan base who wants to win. Maybe I’m wrong. The Miami football team now is 129th on third-down conversions shows that there is something not right.

On third and short there’s no reason why Tate Martell can’t take the ball under center and try and come up with a first down. It’s not like he could do much worse. Being second to last is about as far down as you can go. It’s not a changing the starting QB, just rotating a dual-threat guy into a role he knows well from time to time.

Certainly, offensive coordinator Dan Enos has to have some idea how to design a play that gets a first down against a team as weak as FIU. We’re talking about a 6-5 team. If Enos doesn’t, then fire him. He had no business here.

Why it’s always been fun to say anything can happen on any given Saturday what happened the Hurricanes this past Saturday has to be the low point in Miami football history. This has to be rock-bottom, after all, there’s no way to spin this.

At the end of the day, it happened. Nothing we can do or say will change that fact but if there isn’t a lesson to be learned and something to come out of this horrific, humiliating and utterly painstakingly loss then there is no option that the Board of Trustees shouldn’t consider. This is destroying the Miami Hurricanes Brand.

I have seen enough losing. Something is wrong. It has to fall on management (administration) because there is a ton of talent on this team. You can’t blame Miami head coach Manny Diaz. It’s his first year.

If he needs to surround himself with a better coaching staff people the University of Miami Board of Trustees needs to give him what needs. If the Miami football team loses to Duke then loses its bowl game we will be lucky to see 15,000 people showing up to the games next year.