Tate Martell playing for Miami football means more than you think.

Playing Tate Martell is more than just a series of sideways runs for the Miami football team in the Independence Bowl. Yes, there was nowhere to run, there was too much coverage to pass, but that is one part of the story.

This was the opportunity. The potential for a spark. A much-needed one that no one on offense has been able to provide. The lack of offense has just been unbearable. This is a team stacked with some of the most talent in college football anywhere. The Miami football team just can’t seem to get anything to work.

The good news, if you want to find some good news is we are trying. Tate Martell has likely not seen his last snap as a QB. He still is a baller and if nothing else was exciting to watch.

The defense is really solid and our pass rush is intense. I mean really intense. We are just an excellent team on defense. This is why the oddest things are why Miami just can’t move the ball. Not in the air and not on the ground.

What is wrong? Why, why can’t we do what almost every other team in college football can and that is move the ball? It makes no sense. This team is just so very close but not there. Any team with this kind of talent is just a spark away from catching fire. Let’s see what comes now.

Miami football fans projected Tate Martell as QB. The usual negative roars will come from a small but vocal group within the fanbase. Those eager to return to where we used to be. I want to be where we used to be too. Who doesn’t want to be back to that level?

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We aren’t there but that doesn’t mean we won’t be ever again. It just means that going into 2020 we will watch other teams playing games we wish we were in.