Incoming Miami Hurricanes four-star WRs agree with Dan Enos firing

The one year tenure of Dan Enos as the offensive coordinator of the Miami Hurricanes offense did not work and he was let go on Friday. A pair of four-star wide receivers that Miami has signed for 2020 agree that firing Enos was the right move.

Fixing the Miami Hurricanes offense will be a daunting task for the new offensive coordinator. Repairing the offensive line and getting more consistency at quarterback in the running game is critical for the success of the Miami football team in 2020. Incoming freshman Michael Redding II and Daz Worsham understand Enos’ firing.

The inconsistency of the Miami offense has been well documented. The last three games of the Hurricanes season the offense fell flat on their face against Florida International and Louisiana Tech scoring only 41 points. Twenty-one of the Hurricanes 21 points in the last three games came in the fourth quarter against FIU.

Miami Hurricanes head coach Manny Diaz has spoken frequently about how special the 2020 recruiting class is. Redding and Worsham seem ready to come in and challenge for playing time quickly. A text thread amongst the Miami recruiting class for 2020 seems poised to elevate the culture in Coral Gables.

The 2020 signing class wants to be the one to bring back the U. It is a tired and overstated statement that is meaningless until it happens. Redding and Worsham seem to understand what it is going to take to transform the Miami football program. Manny Navarro of The Athletic and Andrew Ivins of Inside the U quoted the WRs.

“I think they made the right call…They weren’t putting any points on the board and they weren’t really getting the ball to any wide receivers. I talked to [David Cooney {strength and conditiioning coach}].

He put us – the receivers there and the receivers coming – all in a group chat and he told us that Coach Diaz knows what he’s doing and just trust that he’s going to bring some explosive offense. I’m excited to see what the new offense is.

I just want to score a lot of points. I would like it to be spread where we just throw the ball a lot to open up big runs and make plays. We’re all coming in just ready to work…We want to bring everybody together and just hard work…I saw him (QB Tyler VanDyke)[at Paradise Camp.]

I think he’s got a strong arm and he’s accurate. He reads the defense well. I think he’s a quarterback that can get the ball to me.”

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It remains to be seen if a spread offense is the answer. It will take more than that. Miami has great significant improvement from the offensive line or the offensive scheme is irrelevant. Enos and former Miami head coach Mark Richt were too stubborn with their offensive schemes. They relied on what they knew.

Not being adaptable ultimately led to their downfalls. Worsham is not wrong that Enos did not get the ball to the wide receivers enough in space. Diaz stated in his introductory press conference that he wants an up-tempo, get up the field offense similar to how he coaches the Miami Hurricanes defense.

Worsham and the rest of the Miami receiving corps having confidence in VanDyke or whoever plays quarterback for Miami will boost the offense. Jarren Williams had a good season when he had protection. Williams looked like the Miami QB of the future after his six TD performance against Louisville.

Williams’ performances will all downhill in the last three games. N’Kosi Perry could not provide a spark in any of those games and Tate Martell’s appearance against Louisiana Tech looked like a fire drill. Redding spoke to Navarro about the future of the Miami Hurricanes no matter which coaches are on the offensive staff.

“He (Cooney) was just telling us we need to come in ready, come in hungry…We need to come in competitors and hard workers. He was telling us how we’re going to be able to change the program, and to stick with Manny, and continue with this culture and plan we’re going to have. He said to stay focused because there’s a lot of adversity.”

I don’t know if the coaches even know (if they will return) So, it’s kind of tough. It’s a real tough situation. Being me, I’m not going to be able to ask them because they have a lot going on, have family and things like that. Asking them is kind of selfish.”

In addition to losing Enos Worsham and Redding could also be without their position coach, WR coach Taylor Stubblefield. Ivins reported that there is a good chance the Enos hire could be let go depending on who Diaz brings in as the new offensive coordinator.

“He’s a great coach, especially when it comes to techniques and things like that and how he coaches it…He’s able to give us the tools to be a great wide receiver. That’s something I need — the mental side of the game. I have all the athletic ability, the size and speed to be a great wide receiver.

I feel like once I learn the technical side no one will be able to stop me. The school is going to be the school no matter what…The coaches can leave and go. I made sure I incorporated that into my decision.”

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Diaz has said that the 2020 signing class wants to be Miami Hurricanes. It doesn’t matter who the head coach or coaching staff is. The comments by Worsham and Redding prove they are dedicated to being Hurricanes. Having one or both becoming a playmaker would help elevate the Miami offense in the future.

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