Miami football flipping recruits only works when winning

MIAMI, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 05: (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 05: (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Anyone who has been active on Twitter would find it hard to not notice another grassroots movement trying to entice a player to choose the Miami football team over another school.

The movement to flip college football recruits shows the influential power of a very strong and active social media fanbase that the University of Miami football team is fortunate enough to have. Part of this enthusiasm comes from the players engaging themselves in a very measured and disciplined manner.

While this off-season has not been overrun with images of portals or eyeballs it has nevertheless proven to be increasingly more entertaining as time goes on. While one of the great concerns many undoubtedly have is how our football season might look and to what extent the fans may even have the ability to attend games.

Even more so questions have been raised as to whether or not it will be safe enough for the players to take the field. We all certainly do hope so however as disappointing as this may be to read we have to put the safety of our players above all else. I truly can’t emphasize that point enough.

In terms of our ability to not only convince other players at the University of Miami is the best place for them but also in terms of being able to recruit the type of talent the Hurricanes football team has been able to attract over the years everything really comes down to one simple thing the Miami football team has to accomplish.

The Hurricanes have to be able to not only execute on both sides of the ball and do so in a dominating and meaningful way. There can be no more losses to second-grade teams. There is no place else like Miami in the world. The Miami campus in Coral Gables is simply amazing and the city of Miami is a place like no other.

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This is all good and well but if Miami wants to be able to flip players and recruit top prospects going forward the only thing that matters is winning and winning big games. A victory like the one Miami had against Notre Dame in 2017 was amazing. Winning games like that will bring the talent and with it that elusive sixth ring.