Miami football ranked fourth best producing WR by NFL.Com

29 Aug 1999:
29 Aug 1999: /

In a current examination of which school produces the best wide receivers, the Miami football program was ranked fourth by NFL.Com.

Beginning with Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne in their 2000 rookie seasons, the Miami football program was ranked the fourth-best producing wide receivers according to NFL.Com. The NFL system gave credit to where players are drafted, how they perform in their rookie seasons and their first two to five years in the NFL.

The list of Miami WRs that contributed to the Hurricanes ranked including K.J. Osborn who was selected in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings. Sixteen Miami WRs made the list. Andre Johnson had the most points according to the NFL.Com scoring system followed by Wayne.

Devin Hester was tied for third with Moss. Most of the points accumulated by Hester came because of accolades he earned as a kick returner. Hester was volatile as a WR primarily with the Bears. During his time the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens, Hester went back to primarily being used as a kick returner.

Hester was named first-team All-Pro as a kick returner three times during his NFL career, all with Chicago. NFL records are not included on the list. Players were also not given credit for receiving multiple awards in a season. The explanation from NFL.Com’s limiting points for their accolades is below.

"Note: If a player had won multiple awards as a rookie or in Years 2-5, he wasn’t able to double- or triple-dip; he received only the points earned for his highest accolade.For example, a rookie who won Rookie of the Year, was named an All-Pro and made the Pro Bowl with 16 starts on the season would earn 26 points (10 points from awards and 16 points from starts). For Years 2-5, a player could earn a maximum of 13 points per season (5 points from awards and 8 points from starts)"

Johnson is an eventual sure Hall of Fame WR that does not impact the scoring system.


earned first-team All-Pro in his 11th season in the NFL in 2010. With only the first five seasons counted in the scoring system, Wayne’s All-Pro season did not impact the overall score for the Miami football program.

Wayne was named to six Pro Bowls, but they all came after his fifth NFL season. Wayne is currently 10th in receptions and receiving yards and 24th in receiving TDs during his career. Johnson was named first-team All-Pro in his sixth and seventh seasons and earned trips to seven Pro Bowls. The entire list is below.

"MIAMI 272.5 (Andre Johnson 57.0, Reggie Wayne 44.5, Devin Hester 32.5, Santana Moss 32.5, Allen Hurns 28.5, Travis Benjamin 18.0, Phillip Dorsett 15.5, Leonard Hankerson 12.0, Daryl Jones 8.0, Roscoe Parrish 7.5, Sinorice Moss 5.0, Andre King 3.5, Braxton Berrios 2.0, Stacy Coley 2.0, K.J. Osborn 2.0, Tommy Streeter 2.0)"

The vast majority of the points on the list came from players drafted in the early 2000s. Allen Hurns was the only player in the top five for Miami who played for the Hurricanes in the 2010s. Philip Dorsett was the most recent Miami WR to be drafted in the first round in 2015. Dorsett is on the third NFL team of his career.

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The addition of Rob Likens as the new Miami WR coach should help upgrade the production for Miami at the position. Likens produced first-round picks in each of the last two NFL Drafts at Arizona State. New offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee should also have an impact for Miami WRs producing bigger numbers in college.