ACC announces a football schedule but will Miami Hurricanes play?

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 9: (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 9: (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images) /
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The ACC released a wonderful conference schedule that matches the Miami Hurricanes up with an opportunity to beat Clemson. Notre Dame is an ACC football member in 2020 but unfortunately not matched up with Miami.

Not having Notre Dame on the 2020 schedule is somewhat disheartening as the greatest victory the Miami Hurricanes have had in the last several years has come at the expense of humiliated and embarrassed Notre Dame team. Having been to the last three games against them in person I can assure you they live up to the hype.

Miami Hurricanes fans hate Notre Dame and Fighting Irish fans hate each other and that makes for a great football game. With the season schedule set, the question now remains is whether or not the first game will be played in September or pushed off at some point in the future.

Based on the continuing trend of nearly 10,000 cases if not more every day in Florida many might question if this is going to be wise. Compared to a sport like baseball where there is minimal contact it’s easy enough to know that football is very much a contact sport.

Many questions have been raised when the Florida Marlins were unable to keep their team COVID free. There are certain protocols that can take place that would easily allow for college football to happen. This would include frequent testing of the players, coaches and support staff.

The real problem the Miami football team is going to have along with all of the other Hurricanes athletic programs is that for the game to be played every player and every staff member of all teams needs to be COVID free. This can be done by isolating the players that already are double-tested as being COVID free but that’s the easy part.