ACC announces a football schedule but will Miami Hurricanes play?

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 9: (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 9: (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images) /
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To really make college football really safe you have to have a situation where the players and personnel all are willing to be quarantined for up to 13 or 14 weeks. This means no going out anywhere unless it’s as a team and in an environment that is secure.

For this to work all the players on every team have to consistently test negative throughout the entire season so if one player test positive that could mean games for the next two weeks are either postponed, forfeited, or canceled.

Given the right circumstances and conditions there is no question that football can be played safely but what remains a very difficult question is how the players would feel about the conditions necessary to achieve the level of safety that would be required.

When you are talking about professional sports it’s a little bit of a different situation as players are being compensated for their work and efforts so if the price of earning that paycheck comes with very significant for features of freedom to do as they want it may be a price worth paying.

When you start to deal with college athletes it’s a totally different story. Many of them are on scholarship but not everyone is on scholarship. There are many players on a team that contributes in a very meaningful way during practice.