Miami football primary goal to wear down opponents per Manny Diaz

MIAMI, FL - APRIL 13: (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - APRIL 13: (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The goal for the Miami football team in 2020 is to wear down opponents as stated by Manny Diaz on his weekly show.

The hiring of new offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee for the Miami football team was made with the plan to increase the tempo on offense. Miami had 79 plays on offense in the season opener against UAB. In 2019, Miami averaged 65 plays per game. The goal in 2020 is to wear down opposing defenses.

The 79 plays Miami ran against UAB put the Hurricanes 10th in plays per game nationally this season. At SMU in 2019, the Lashlee led offense finished seventh nationally in total plays. Five of the six teams ahead of SMU played at least one more game than the Mustangs. Miami should be near the top in 2020.

One of the misconceptions of the spread and an up-tempo offense is that teams want to pass the majority of the plays. Lashlee called the new Miami offense a power spread this summer. Miami ran 52 times for 337 yards while attempting just 26 passes in the win over UAB. Miami had the edge in time of possession at 30:56.

The up-tempo offense gives a team a huge advantage in plays from scrimmage or forces the opponent to match the tempo they are not used to playing. UAB ran 61 plays last week despite having the ball for less than two minutes less than Miami. The goal for the Miami football team offensively is clear and it worked in week one.

"“What we’ve told our players is every time that ball is being snapped, you are adding snaps to that defense’s lungs and to their legs. And sooner or later, it’s like a boxer. We used that imagery with our players. We were not going for the knockout with UAB.We were going to body blow UAB until they went down and the referee stood in front of him. That’s what ended up happening…We want to be more explosive, we want to hit some shots down the field, but we’ve set our mind to aim for the rib cage and kidneys and go to work on that and see what happens.”"

The analogy from Diaz about methodically wanting to tire out the opponent came during his weekly radio and tv show with Miami Hurricanes play-by-play announcer Joe Zagacki and analyst Don Bailey Jr. If Miami can continue to run the ball with authority as they did against UAB the offense will be vastly improved in 2020.

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The benefit is tiring out opposing defenses. When opposing defenses tire out the shots down the field will open up. Miami should be a very good second-half team with the Lashlee offense. The Hurricanes scored 17 points in the third quarter against UAB to put the game away. The passing game should evolve in 2020.