Five questions for Miami Football game with FS Louisville Site

MIAMI, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 09: (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 09: (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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3) Tutu Atwell scorched Miami for 6-142-and a TD in 2019. Dez Fitzpatrick and Braden Smith both played well last week. Can the UL offense continue to thrive if Atwell doesn’t have as big of a game as last season?

Yes, 100%. Last week WKU’s game plan was to take away Atwell completely. And while that didn’t work, it allowed Dez Fitzpatrick and Braden Smith to both go over 100-yards receiving.

It doesn’t matter who the opposing secondary is, Louisville’s going to present a very unique challenge because of all the talent and speed they have at receiver and in the backfield with Hawkins and Hall.

Atwell will be the number one target for Miami, and Louisville is aware of that, but other guys will be ready to feast on their matchups if they get the opportunity.

4) Louisville limited Western Kentucky to 119 yards rushing on 35 carries for a 3.4-yard average. Miami had 337 yards rushing on 52 carries with three TDs for 6.5 YPC. Something will give. Do you think Louisville can stop the Miami rushing offense?

If I’m being completely honest with you; I truly don’t know. They looked great against WKU, as you mentioned, but it was something we saw last season as well. Against WKU in 2019 Louisville allowed their season-low in rushing yards, completely shutting down the Hilltoppers star back in the process.

They went on to be a below-average defense as we saw. I say all of that to say, the performance against WKU was great but we both know they aren’t Miami. Louisville has the speed, experience, depth and versatility defensively to make things very difficult for King, but until I see it I can’t answer that confidently.”