Miami football would rank 12th if BCS Standings were still used

3 Jan 2002: DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images
3 Jan 2002: DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images /

The Miami football team would rank 12th if the BCS Standings were in use in 2020.

The BCS Standings are a sore spot with Miami football fans after the Hurricanes missed out on the 2000 Championship Game. Miami defeated Florida State during the 2000 season, but the Seminoles edged the Hurricanes in the final BCS Standings to earn a berth opposite Oklahoma in the Championship Game.

if the BCS Standings were applied today, the Miami football program would currently rank 12th. Miami is currently 10th in the more subjective College Football Playoff rankings that are created by a committee. The Twitter account BCSKnowHow.Com projects how the BCS would rank CFP teams using a simulator.

Miami dropped two spots because of a huge jump from Brigham Young and Oregon. The Cougars and Ducks both moved up six spots, BYU from 14th to eighth and Oregon from 15th to ninth. Miami, Northwestern, Georgia, Indiana and Oklahoma all dropped due to the ascension of the Cougars and Ducks.

Miami played in a BCS Bowl following the 2000 through 2003 seasons. The Hurricanes just missed out on the BCS Championship Game finished 0.32 points behind Florida State despite their victory over the Seminoles early that season. Miami went on to win the 2001 National Championship and finish runner-up in 2002.

Miami’s win over Louisville in September was the Hurricanes only one over a team ranked in the top 25. Number 17 Miami defeated number 18 Louisville. The Hurricanes have gone on to a 71 record this season, while the Cardinals have fallen to 3-6. The loss to Clemson is Miami’s only other game against a top 25 team in 2020.

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The slight differences in the BCS rankings and subjective College Football Playoff committee unless you are a BYU or Oregon fan show that for the most part no matter who does the rankings they are going to be close to the same. Being in the discussion helps the Miami football program in the present and future.