How Miami football can beat Alabama

MIAMI, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 11. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 11. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

One of the great things about walking into a football game that everyone expects you to lose is that you actually have everything to gain. This is exactly what the Miami football team is going to be up against when it takes on Alabama for the season opener.

It’s only logical that Alabama will be a heavy favorite in this game but we should not forget how many Alabama players have joined the ranks of the NFL. That puts the Crimson Tide in a position where they’re going to have a few players that may not know exactly what they’re doing when the ball snaps for the first time.

Miami on the other hand comes in with a lot of experience and guys that have been playing with each other for a while. There’s no question that the loss of two first-round defensive ends (Jaelan Phillips and Greg Rousseau) is not good news in terms of a pass rush and applying pressure but Miami still has tons of talent.

Miami tight end Will Mallory should be able to step in the game and be just as efficient as Brevin Jordan was. Mallory is very good and should be a targeted favorite if Miami can find themselves in the red zone or in need of a big body to catch the ball. What is key for Miami is to simply stay in the game early against Alabama.

Miami cannot afford to go into the locker room with a substantial deficit at halftime because it’s very unlikely that they will be able to come back from something like that. It’s just too demoralizing and once the players feel as though they’ve been defeated it becomes a self for-filling prophecy.

Being overwhelmingly optimistic if Miami can run with Alabama going into the fourth quarter that there is a very good shot they just win the game. Sometimes teams just get lucky. Sometimes the ball bounces their way. For some older fans, we know that beating FSU came down to a field goal kick wide right (three times).

That is not something you could do anything about. That’s just simply being in the game and letting the other team make its own mistakes. The Miami football team definitely needs to have some good fortune and for the referees to not send them backward. Not making mental mistakes is essential.

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For all the fans who think that this game is all but over maybe you’re right. Miami has at least a decent shot against Alabama. Miami could be close to about a 17 point underdog against Alabama. The Hurricanes have more experience than Alabama and should have a good chance to cover.

Rather than approach this pessimistically, try to be optimistic. If receivers can haul in catchable balls thrown to them and don’t make mistakes, let me repeat that, if Miami doesn’t make mistakes-this is a game that not only can the Hurricanes win but a marquee win that will propel them possibly to a totally different level.

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Miami can definitely beat Alabama if everything goes their way.