Miami football 50 percent blue chip ratio meets national title formula

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The Miami football team is one of 16 teams nationally with over 50 percent of their roster made up of players who were four or five stars coming out of high school. Miami returns to the list after going below the 50 percent threshold in 2020. The Hurricanes were above 50 percent in 2019,

Transfers, which make up a big part of the Miami football roster, are not included in the rankings of blue-chip players making up a roster. Miami was included on the list by 247 Sports in “Blue-Chip Ratio 2021: The 16 teams who can win a national title.” The Hurricanes have frequently uses transfers to fill in weak spots on the roster.

The Miami football roster is tied with Notre Dame for 15th nationally with 55 percent of their rosters made up of four and five-star signees. Alabama tops the list has 84 percent of its roster made up of blue-chip players. The importance of 50 percent of a roster containing blue-chip players relates to National Championships.

Blue Chip ratio doesn’t solely determine winning national titles, but according to Bud Elliott of 247 Sports, it almost definitely eliminates teams with less than 50 percent of their roster made up of three-star players or less. If transfers were included in the rankings, Miami would have a significantly higher blue-chip percentage.

"“Miami made it back in after narrowly being in in 2019 and narrowly being out in 2020. The Hurricanes recruit better under Manny Diaz than they did under Mark Richt or Al Golden.”"

Transfers will once again play a big role for Miami in 2021. Quarterback D’Eriq King, wide receiver Charleston Rambo, defensive end DeAndre Johnson, safety Bubba Bolden and cornerback Tyrique Stevenson are all key players for the Hurricanes this season. Diaz has done a good job upgrading the roster in the last two signing classes.

Miami signed the 17th ranked class nationally in 2020 and improved that to 11th in 2021. Miami has to begin building a foundation for its roster through recruiting. Plugging in players to help at flawed positions is the future of college football. No one has embraced the transfer portal as much as Diaz.

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The five players mentioned above will be among the best players on the Miami football roster. To sustain success the Hurricanes will need players signed out of high school to become the elite players on the roster. Getting back above the 50 percent blue-chip ratio is a good sign for the future. The Miami roster is improved.