Miami football ready to adapt NIL changes per Manny Diaz

Dec 5, 2020; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Mandatory Credit: Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 5, 2020; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Mandatory Credit: Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports /

The Supreme Court ruling earlier this week affected education-related income and the ability for athletes to earn money using their own name, image and likeness. Head coach Manny Diaz speaking at a camp in Belle Glade said that the Miami football program is ready to adapt to the changes.

The decision by the Supreme Court this week upheld a district court judge’s decision that the NCAA violated antitrust laws by placing limits on education-related benefits that NCAA members can provide to athletes. NCAA members will now be able to provide athletes with unlimited compensation connected to education.

The SCOTUS decision was by a rare 9-0. The 115-year-old NCAA has used the antiquated system that athletes should not receive compensation for representing their university. Federal anti-trust lawsuits have gradually been changing the amateur rules in the past 10 years. Nineteen states have created law to allow NIL.

The Florida NLI is scheduled to go into effect on July 1. NCAA athletes will be allowed to make money from third-party endorsements from their own name, images and likeness. Congress is also debating about 12 bills regarding NCAA reform. Miami should benefit greatly from the changes.

"“We know it’s a narrow ruling affecting education-related income, so in terms of short-term impact, I don’t know, but I know a change is coming, so we’ll adapt and see how that goes…I don’t know if anybody understands exactly what the system will be yet to know what kind of impact it will be for our players.I think everyone knows something is changing, I just don’t know if we know enough detail to figure out how it will impact everybody.”"

As the number one team at the U and one of the most popular teams in South Florida, Miami could benefit. Some college football analysts have projected that NIL opportunities could be the equivalent that facilities were in the last decade. Miami football players will likely have more opportunities in a major metropolitan area.

A major change to the NCAA bylaws regarding athlete compensation will be difficult for all member institutions. The difference in income for the 130 Football Bowl Subdivision teams is substantial. The Miami football program doesn’t generate as much income as some other Power Five programs for a few reasons.

Being a private school without its own on-campus stadium is difficult for the Hurricanes. Residing in the seventh largest metropolitan area in the United States could help Miami. Many college athletes build extensive social media followings while they are in high school. Now those athletes can profilt of their own NIL.

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miamiWith different states enacting their own laws regarding NIL, the NCAA is expected to create temporary rules prior to July 1.  The short term will likely impact athletes more than athletic programs. School compliance programs will have to work with athletes to determine what is allowed under the new guidelines.