Miami football remains tight end U per ESPN

Nov 2, 2019; Tallahassee, FL, USA; Mandatory Credit: Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 2, 2019; Tallahassee, FL, USA; Mandatory Credit: Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami football program has earned the monicker tight end U primarily since Bubba Franks became the first Hurricanes first-round pick at the position in the 2000 NFL Draft. Miami has had 21 TEs selected in the history of the NFL Draft. Miami had nine TEs selected in the NFL Draft before 2000.

Jim Cox was the first in 1968 as a second-round pick of the Miami Dolphins. Steve Smith went five rounds later to the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968. Steve Alvers became the third TE from the Miami football program drafted when he was selected in the seventh round by the N.Y. Giants in 1979.

Glenn Dennison was the second, second-round TE from Miami when he was taken by the N.Y. Jets in 1984. Dennison was the highest draft Miami TE until Franks in 2000. Since Franks, the Hurricanes have produced four more first-round TEs. Those numbers led ESPN to name Miami the winner of the title TE U.

Jeremy Shockey had an exceptional career with Miami and in the NFL. Jimmy Graham and Greg Olsen who followed Shockey into the NFL have borderline Pro Football Hall of Fame numbers. ESPN named Franks, Graham, Olsen and Shockey as the Hurricanes TE Mount Rushmore. The analysis from the mothership is below.

"Tight End UThe winner: Miami HurricanesThe Hurricanes’ TE Mount RushmoreJeremy ShockeyGreg OlsenBubba FranksJimmy GrahamJeremy Shockey was one of the best tight ends all-time at Miami, a school known for developing NFL stars at the position.Shockey has the ultimate college and pro resume: Winning both a national championship in college, and two Super Bowls in the NFL — in addition to the personal accolades that came his way, from All-America honors and Pro Bowl selections to his induction in the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame.Olsen recently retired after a 14-year NFL career, while Franks arguably started the Miami TEU tradition — he starred in the late 1990s, just before Shockey. — Andrea Adelson2. Iowa3. Stanford4. Florida5. Missouri6. Wisconsin7. Oklahoma8. Notre Dame9. Michigan10. UCLA"

Despite being eighth on their list, ESPN has “Notre Dame pushing for the title of Tight End U.” With Brevin Jordan likely undervalued in the 2021 NFL Draft as a fifth-round pick by the Houston Texans and Will Mallory ready to replace him in 2021 before likely entering the 2022 NFL Draft, Miami has a bright future at TE.

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Clive Walford has the all-time Miami records for a TE with 121 receptions for 1,753 yards and 14 TDs. Jordan Behind Mallory is 2021 signee, Elijah Arroyo. The Miami legacy at TE should continue for at least the next three seasons. The only thing missing from the Miami TE legacy is a Hall of Famer.