Miami football alums reaction after Michigan State loss

Sep 18, 2021; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; . Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 18, 2021; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; . Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

In the three days since the Miami football team lost to Michigan State, alums across social media have posted their response to the defeat to the Spartans. Miami was defeated 38-17 as Michigan State scored two touchdowns in the final four minutes to seal the victory. The alums took a more measured approach than fans.

With fans calling for nearly every administrator and coach at the University of Miami to resign or be fired, the Hurricanes football alums analyzed the problem and some presented some solutions. A small part of the Miami fan base has been over the top with name-calling of administrators, players and coaches.

Miami football alums and the media have noticed. On the Miami pre-game show on Saturday, Hurricanes sideline reporter Josh Darrow, Associated Press reporter Tim Reynolds and former Miami punter and local radio sports talk show host and pre-game Brian Monroe called out the negativity from the Miami fanbase.

Tom Turchetta who played offensive line for the Miami football team in the early seventies called out the fanbase on the group Miami Hurricanes official fans (that is not at all official) that has over 10,000 fans about the behavior over in the three days since the Hurricanes lost to Michigan State.

"“I have refrained from any comment regarding the current rendition of our Canes. However, I have read many many posts regarding this team. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I wondered how long before folks started calling team members names.Some may not like it and I do not care if they do or don’t – however good or poorly some may be performing none of these young men, NONE, deserve to be called trash or POS! The folks who have done so need to remember these young men are sons, and have families.Parents and siblings DO NOT need to read that their child was called trash/POS. I Hope that the folks who posted such don’t have their child subjected to such vile name calling! Those who posted this kind of stuff know who you are…These same people frequently ask why more south Florida athletes don’t stay home to go to school and play – they need to look no further than their name calling posts as part of the reason why!”"

Monroe has been as close to the Miami football program as any former player recently for the Hurricanes. He frequently tweets in addition to appearing on the pre-game show. During and after the game, Monroe posted his takes on what happened against Michigan State and discussed with the fans what happened.

Buchanon played cornerback for Miami on the 2001 national championship team and also had a lot to say about what is going on with the Hurricanes. The drills and techniques being taught during practice were discussed by Buchanon in further Tweets. Miami football alums have a vested interest in what is happening.

Kelvin Harris who played on the 1987, 89 and 91 Miami national championship teams is one of the most active Miami football alums on social media and also hosts the Miami Huddlecast with former Hurricane cornerback Ryan McNeil. Harris had multiple thoughts since the loss to Michigan State.

One of the common themes in the Miami groups and on social media from fans and players has been the dedication and development of the players. Miami has the talent on its roster to succeed. The Hurricanes rank 13th nationally according to the 247 Sports 2021 College Football Team Talent Composite.

Miami RB depth chart will evolve next two weeks. dark. Next

Harris had another accurate tweet about coaches not paying attention to what the fan base says. The Miami football team has to focus inward and be concerned with what they need to do to turn the season around. That begins on Saturday when the Miami football team will host Central Connecticut State.