Miami football increasing budget $20-30 million per year via Lebatard Show

Oct 23, 2021; Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 23, 2021; Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

Mike Ryan Ruiz of the Dan Le Batard Show reported on their local hour that the Hurricanes athletic department intends on increasing the Miami football budget by $20 to 30 million dollars. The previous speculation that there is not enough money for the Miami football program to make a run at an elite coach is false.

The money they U Health is generating is expected to help the Miami football program per Ruiz and several other reports. Ruiz mentioned that money can go a long way when it comes to potential buyouts for the current Miami football staff and supporting a new one. Big changes are coming to the Miami athletic department.

Miami made their first big move on Monda when athletic director Blake James was fired. The search for a new athletic director is ongoing and expected to move quickly per multiple reports. There have been no reports if the athletic director will be given the opportunity regarding Diaz.

Le Batard, Ruiz and former Marlins chairman David Samson discussed the current state of the Miami football program. Their projections are that Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal who is expected to be one of the front runners for Miami to pursue would need a big-time staff as the Miami football coach.

Cristobal is regarded as an elite recruiter while they discussed that Mississippi head coach Lane Kiffin who is also expected to be a major candidate if Miami fires Diaz is a great offensive mind able to make in-game adjustments. Former Miami AD Blake James always assumed the answer was no when asking the BOT for money.

Miami is currently in the top 15 nationally among college football programs financially according to Ruiz. The additional $20 to 30 million that is expected to be pumped into the athletic department is being done with the expectation for Miami to contend for national championships not just be ranked in the top 15.

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Ruiz went on to state that the Board of Trustees was clueless. Everything is expected to be on the table about what the new AD for Miami can do. Hiring the new athletic director is critical for the future of the entire Miami athletic program, particularly football. Football impacts the entire university.