Mario Cristobal was undefeated after regular season bye weeks at Oregon

Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal leads practice during Fall Camp for the Ducks.Eug 082021 Crisbobal 03Syndication The Register Guard
Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal leads practice during Fall Camp for the Ducks.Eug 082021 Crisbobal 03Syndication The Register Guard /

Mario Cristobal led Oregon to wins in all seven games the Ducks played following bye weeks in the regular season. Oregon also won two and lost two in bowl games under Cristobal. Miami has frequently struggled following bye weeks over the last six seasons. Cristobal should have Miami better prepared following bye weeks.

The first game Mario Cristobal was a head coach at a Power Five program was for Oregon in the 2017 Las Vegas Bowl after Willie Taggart left for Florida State following the 2017 regular season. Cristobal was offensive coordinator for Oregon before behind named the head coach. Oregon lost the Las Vegas Bowl to Boise State.

Cristobal did not have the same success with the time off before bowl games at Oregon as during regular-season bye weeks. In addition to the loss to Boise State in the 2017 Las Vegas Bowl, the Ducks beat Michigan State in the 2018 Red Box Bowl and Wisconsin in the 2020 Rose Bowl following the 2019 season.

Oregon lost to Iowa State in the Fiesta Bowl following the 2020 season. Oregon defeated number seven Washington 30-27 in overtime on October 13 in its only regular-season bye week during the 2018 season. Washington beat UCLA 31-24 the week prior to playing Oregon. Oregon ended a five-game Washington winning streak.

"Mario Cristobal after bye weeks at Oregon2017Sat, Dec 16 Las Vegas Bowl vs 25 Boise State * L38-282018Sat, Oct 13 vs 7 Washington W30-27 OT 5-1 (2-1)Mon, Dec 31 Red Box Bowl vs Michigan State * W7-6 9-4 (5-4)2019Sat, Oct 5 vs California W17-7Sat, Nov 16 vs Arizona W34-6Wed, Jan 1 Rose Bowl vs 8 Wisconsin * W28-272020Fri. Dec. 18 vs. 13 USC W 31-24Sat, Jan 2 Fiesta Bowl vs 10 Iowa State * L34-172021Fri, Oct 15 vs California W 24-17"

Oregon had two bye weeks during the 2019 regular season. After the first 2019 regular-season bye week, Oregon won 17-7 versus California. California lost 24-17 at Arizona State the week prior to playing at Oregon. The loss to Arizona State began a four-game California losing streak.

California finished the 2019 season 8-5 overall, 4-5 in the Pac 12 and tied for second in the North Division. Oregon won its second 2018 bye week 34-6 against Arizona. Arizona also had a bye week prior to playing Oregon. The Wildcats had allowed 47.25 points per game in the four games prior to playing the Ducks.

In 2020 Oregon won its sole regular-season bye week game 31-24 at USC. USC was 5-0 and coming off an emotional  43–38 win over UCLA the week before playing Oregon. Oregon ended any hopes for USC earning a College Football Playoff berth with a 31-24 victory over the Trojans.

Oregon followed up the win over USC two weeks later with a 34-17 loss to Iowa State in the Fiesta Bowl. In 2021, Oregon won its only bye week game 24-17 versus California. California also had a bye week before playing Oregon. The Golden Bears lost their previous game 21-6 at Washington State.

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Dating back to the 2017 bowl season when Cristobal was named head coach at Oregon, Miami is 2-9 after a bye week. Miami has lost all four of its bowl games in that time span. The Hurricanes are 2-5 during the regular season after bye weeks in the last four years. Both of those wins came during the 2020 season.