Miami Hurricanes RB Henry Parrish had 2021 success versus Texas AM

Nov 13, 2021; Oxford, Mississippi, USA;Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 13, 2021; Oxford, Mississippi, USA;Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports /

Miami Hurricanes running back Henry Parrish had nine carries for 58 yards in a 29-19 Mississippi win over Texas A&M in 2021. Parrish will have a more significant role as the lead RB for Miami as the Hurricanes travel to College Station to play the Aggies on Saturday night. Texas A&M has the 83rd-ranked run defense nationally in 2022.

Led by Parrish, the Miami Hurricanes have the 15th-ranked rushing offense nationally in 2022. Miami is averaging 241 rushing yards per game. Parrish is averaging 102.5 rushing yards per game in 2022 with four touchdowns and six receptions for 43 yards. Texas A&M is allowing 144 rushing yards per game.

FCS Sam Houston State ran 27 times for 107 yards in a 31-0 loss to Texas A&M in the season opener. Appalachian State had 52 carries for 181 yards and one touchdown. The Mountaineers controlled the clock primarily because of their ability on the ground. Camerun Peoples led Appalachian State with 19 carries for 112 yards.

Daetrich Harrington and Ahmani Marshall also had over 10 carries each against Texas A&M. Appalachian State threw only 30 passes. The Mountaineers ran 82 offensive plays to 38 for Texas A&M. Appalachian State provided the Miami Hurricanes with the perfect blueprint for how to defeat Texas A&M.

Parrish had all but two carries against Texas A&M in 2021 in the first half. In the first quarter, Parrish had three carries for 29 yards. That included a 24-yard run on a Mississippi TD drive on the Rebels’ second possession of the game. On the Rebels’ first drive of the second quarter, Parrish had two carries for 16 yards.

That included a 12-yard run by Parrish on a drive that ultimately stalled. Parrish had only two carries for two yards in the third quarter. Mississippi did not give Parrish any carries in the fourth quarter. Miami will need Parrish to be strong in the second half against Texas A&M. Parrish has been outstanding in the first three quarters of 2022.

Parrish has 28 carries for 187 yards and all four of his TDs in the first three quarters. All of the fourth-quarter carries for Parrish came against Southern Mississippi. The Texas A&M run defense has been at its worst in the fourth quarter. Texas A&M has allowed 25 carries for 127 rushing yards in the fourth quarter.

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The Aggies’ fourth-quarter run defense included a 48-yard run that allowed Appalachian State to run the clock in the surprising upset. Texas A&M has allowed only five runs of 10 yards or more in the first two games. Miami might have to grind it out on the ground against a big Aggies’ front four.