Miami basketball versus Drake NCAA late NCAA Tournament Fan Duel prop bets

Mar 16, 2023; Albany, NY, USA; Miami (Fl) Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 16, 2023; Albany, NY, USA; Miami (Fl) Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami basketball team opens 2023 NCAA Tournament play on Friday night versus Drake at 7:25 PM in Albany, New York. Fan Duel has far more prop bets for a Miami game on Friday than during a regular season game. Players’ stat totals, winning margin bands and if the game will go into overtime are among the prop bets.

The common odds for Drake versus Miami basketball game list the spread as Drake +2.5 Miami -2.5 Total: 146.5, Over (-105), Under (-115) and Moneyline: Drake +118 Miami -142. Miami has shifted from  3.5 point favorite early in the week to 1.5 on Thursday and is now up to a 2.5-point favorite on Friday afternoon.

The Fan Duel player prop bets are assists, points, rebounds and three-point totals plus winning margin bands, the first-half point spread and score plus if the game will go to overtime. Only the Super Bowl has more money wagered on it than the NCAA Tournament. There are several players to watch for Miami.

Nochad Omier is expected to play for Miami today per Jeff Goodman of Stadium. Omier is among the players with an opportunity to place prop bets on at Fan Duel. Other Miami basketball players to watch will be Jordan Miller, Nijel Pack and Isaiah Wong. Miller particularly could be a good prop bet on his rebounding total.

Drake versus Miami Basketball NCAA Tournament prop bets

Correct Score 
All Bets are Action
Drake 67 – Miami 64| +32000
Drake 67 – Miami 65| +31000
Drake 68 – Miami 65|+28000
Drake 68 – Miami 66|+28000
Drake 69 – Miami 65| +31000
Drake 69 – Miami 66|+26000

Far more correct score bets available at Fan Duel

Miami 35 – Drake 34|+13000
Drake 34 – Miami 34|+13000
Drake 35 – Miami 35|+13000
Miami 35 – Drake 33|+13000
Miami 34 – Drake 33|+13000
Drake 35 – Miami 34|+13000

Far more correct score bets available at Fan Duel

To Score 10+ Points 

  • Tucker DeVries -3000
  • Isaiah Wong -850
  • Jordan Miller -750
  • Roman Penn -450
  • Nijel Pack -380
  • Garrett Sturtz -136
  • Darnell Brodie -120
  • Wooga Poplar -108

There are also bets to be placed on players scoring 15 plus, 20 plus, 25 plus and 30 plus points. Tucker DeVries of Drake is the only player that has odds of scoring 30 plus at +750.

Total Player Points Scored Over Unders

Tucker DeVries – Total Points
Tucker DeVries Over O 19.5+100
Tucker DeVries Under U 19.5-128

Roman Penn – Total Points
Roman Penn Over O 14.5-111
Roman Penn Under U 14.5-115

Isaiah Wong – Total Points
Isaiah Wong Over O 16.5-106
Isaiah Wong Under U 16.5-120

Wooga Poplar – Total Points
Wooga Poplar Over O 9.5-106
Wooga Poplar Under U 9.5-120

Garrett Sturtz – Total Points
Garrett Sturtz Over O 10.5+104
Garrett Sturtz Under U 10.5-132

Jordan Miller – Total Points
Jordan Miller Over O 16.5+102
Jordan Miller Under U 16.5-130

Nijel Pack – Total Points
Nijel Pack Over O 13.5-115
Nijel Pack Under U 13.5-111

Darnell Brodie – Total Points
Darnell Brodie Over O 9.5-118
Darnell Brodie Under U 9.5-108

The rest of the prop bets available at Fan Dual are listed below

  • Team to Win and Player to Score 15+ Points
  • Team to Win and Player to Score 20+ Points
  • Team to Win and Player to Score 25+ Points
  • To Make 1+ Threes
  • To Make 2+ Threes
  • To Make 3+ Threes
  • To Make 4+ Threes
  • Darnell Brodie Total Rebounds
  • Garrett Sturtz Total Rebounds
  • Tucker DeVries Total Rebounds
  • Wooga Poplar Total Rebounds
  • Roman Penn Total Rebounds
  • Jordan Miller Total Rebounds
  • Isaiah Wong Total Rebounds
  • Isaiah Wong Total Assists
  • Roman Penn Total Assists
  • Will There be Overtime?
  • Team to Score First

Jordan Miller is averaging 15.3 points per game, 6.2 rebounds and shoots 54.1 percent from the floor. The total rebounds for Miller are 7.5. At -125 with Omier coming off the ankle injury the expectation should be for Miller to help on the boards. Miller is averaging 8.14 rebounds over his last seven games with Omier playing.

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There are a lot of opportunities for late prop bets. Drake was last in the tournament in 2021. Miami has five players back who played for the Hurricanes during the 2022 run to the Midwest Regional Final. That should help Miami significantly versus Drake. Drake and Miami will be televised by TBS.