The 15 best Miami football NFL careers in Hurricanes history

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Miami football features not only some of the all-time defensive hunters in the history of the NFL but some of the most spectacular playmakers in league history too. The Hurricanes had a two-decade stretch from the early 1980s-early 2000s where “The U” was a powerhouse on the field and in its development of pro-ready talent.

In recent years, the results haven’t been consistent on the field, but Miami football is still good for several draft picks every draft. As southern Florida’s premiere program, the advantages will always be present — even if the off-campus non-home-field advantage of Hard Rock Stadium makes for a tough sell to players looking for what the SEC offers.

Because of the most successful players the program has ever produced, “The U” has a more storied history and widespread fanbase than much of the SEC too, though.

Here are the 15 best Miami football NFL careers in program history

Miami football TE Jimmy Graham

Miami football TE Jimmy Graham Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports


Jimmy Graham

TE, New Orleans Saints

No. 15 Miami football NFL career in league history: Jimmy Graham

2010 NFL Draft: Round 3, Pick 95

New Orleans Saints, 2010–2014
Seattle Seahawks, 2015–2017
Green Bay Packers, 2018–2019
Chicago Bears, 2020–2021

Jimmy Graham took a year to take off, but in his second season during the 2011 post-lockout year, the former Hurricane tight end became a Second-team All-Pro and helped redefine his position with athleticism and a vertical almost never seen at TE over a 12-year career.

Staying power is tough to have the highest level of pro football, and after he left the Seattle Seahawks in 2018, Graham was no longer one of the top tight ends in the game. Overall, though, his place in NFL (and Hurricanes) history is secure.

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