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No. 1 scariest Miami Hurricanes defender of all time: Ted Hendricks, DE/LB, The Mad Stork (1966-68)

Hendricks is one of only three Miami Hurricanes football players to have been named a consensus All-American in multiple seasons. A menacing defensive end in college, Hendricks was named an All-American in 1967 and 1968. Hendricks is a member of the College Football and Pro Football Halls of Fame.

Hendricks earned his nickname because,His 6’7″ frame and wide-ranging arms led his teammates at the University of Miami to add the moniker ‘the Mad Stork’ to his identity.” Hendricks still holds all-time Miami Hurricanes records for career tackles by a DE with 327, and with 12 fumble recoveries.

Hendricks was such a dominant player that he finished fifth in the 1968 Heisman Trophy balloting with seven first-place votes, 52 second-place votes and 49 third-place votes. Against Florida in 1968, Hendricks recorded four sacks. Hendricks forced nine turnovers in 10 games during the 1967 season.

The ability for Hendricks to cause turnovers made him scary to play against and forced opposing offensive coordinators to plan around him. In the NFL, Hendricks blocked 25 kicks and had 16 fumble recoveries during his career. Sacks did not become an official stat until 1982, Hendricks’ 14th season in the NFL.

Hendricks was immortalized in 1980 with induction into the University of Miami Hall of Fame.

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