Miami football top 10 scariest defensive players of all time

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4. Ray Lewis, LB, 1993-1995

Lewis was a scary player with the Miami football program because of his hard hits, ability to always be around the ball and trash-talking abilities. Lewis set the Miami record with 152 tackles in 1994 and broke the record a year later with 160 tackles. Lewis finished his Miami career sixth with 388 tackles, despite playing only three seasons.

Lewis was a freshman All-American in 1993 despite earning the last scholarship Miami had available. Sapp and Lewis were potentially the scariest tandem in the history of the Miami football program. Lewis and Sapp were both named All-American in 1994. Points were at a premium for opponents during the Sapp era.

Good luck scoring on the Miami football team in the two years Lewis and Sapp were starters together. Miami allowed 13.9 points per game, which was seventh out of 106 teams nationally in 1993. Miami was even better a year later when they allowed 11.9 PPG, which was second nationally.

In the NFL, Lewis added the Squirrel Dance as a way to intimidate opponents during introductions. Lewis could equally intimidate opponents’ defense via the pass or run. Lewis finished his Miami career with four interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown. Lewis’ 31 interceptions in the NFL are the fifth most by a linebacker.