Miami football top 10 scariest defensive players of all time

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2. Ed Reed, S, 1998-2001

Reed is arguably the best defensive player in Miami history. The leader of the consensus best team in the history of college football, Reed was equally adept against the run, pass and on special teams. Reed is the Miami all-time leader with 21 career interceptions for 389 yards and four return touchdowns.

In his final two seasons, Reed was a first-team All-American, as Miami finished 23-1. Among the attributes that made Reed scary was the preparation he took studying the other team’s tendencies and the instincts he had in the back of the defense. Quarterbacks were intimidated to throw where Reed was in coverage.

Reed would intimidate opponents with his ability to equally make a hard hit or force turnovers. The most iconic play of Reed’s Miami career is a microcosm of what made him a great player. After Matt Walters had a game-clinching interception for Miami, Reed took the ball from him and returned it for a touchdown.

Reed led Miami with nine tackles in the 2002 Rose Bowl win over Nebraska to clinch the 2001 National Championship. Reed played hurt and made it known to his teammates in a now-famous speech. Any opponents seeing that speech knew the dedication and passion Reed gave to Miami and later Baltimore in the NFL.