How B1G and Big XII expansion impact Miami Hurricanes

Oct 8, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 8, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /

Moves by Arizona, Arizona State and Utah to the Big XII and Oregon and Washington to the Big 10 on Friday shocked collegiate athletics and effectively is the end of the Pac 12. The impact on the Miami Hurricanes and the ACC remains unclear. The ACC has not added or lost a team since 2014.

Maryland left for the Big 10 and was replaced by Louisville in 2014. Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Syracuse joined in 2013. The Miami Hurricanes joined the ACC with Virginia Tech in 2004. Boston College followed in 2005. The balance of the ACC will likely depend on decisions by Clemson and Florida State.

Florida State athletic director Michael Alford has been vocal since February about creating a revenue model in the ACC that rewards teams who have more of a national brand than other programs. The significant grant of rights exit fee hangs over any of the ACC programs considering leaving the conference.

Tampa Bay Times College Football Writer Matt Baker examined the Big Ten expansion’s impact on FSU, USF, Florida Gators”  last week following the departure of the five schools from the Pac 12 to the Big 10 and Big XII. Baker proposed a few questions on the future of FSU, Miami and Clemson.

"“Major conferences will eventually hit a point of diminishing returns in expansion, and one of them just grew again. Does that mean there are two fewer lifeboats available in the Big Ten for FSU, Miami or Clemson? We don’t know, but it’s a fair question.”"

There has been extensive speculation on the future of the ACC and what the Miami Hurricanes future will be following the massive realignment last week. Brad Crawford of 247 Sports also examined “College football realignment: Intel on the ACC’s future, where FSU, Clemson, UNC, Miami and others stand.”

Crawford wrote extensively about what Miami could decide to do in the future. One source told Crawford that the Big 10 targetting Miami “just makes sense.” Miami was one of the ACC programs that the Big 10 considered last summer. Crawford stated that the Big 10 wanting to expand its reach into Florida makes sense.

Radakovich tells EsPN its best keeping ACC together. dark. Next

Miami becoming a member of the American Association of Universities could impact an invitation to the Big 10. Nebraska is the only school in the Big 10 including the future members that is not an AAU member. When they joined the Big 10 Nebraska was an AAU member. The realignment will continue to be fluid.